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Half Cocked Podcast, Episode 88: Wes Mitchell joins us to talk spring practice and 2014 recruiting

This week's podcast helps you get caught up on the goings-on with spring football practice, 2014 football recruiting, and whether or not Five Points is a thing that you should do.


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In this week's episode of Half Cocked, the Garnet And Black Attack podcast...

Wes Mitchell of The Big Spur joins George and me to talk about spring football practice and 2014 football recruiting. How is Kelvin Rainey adjusting to the transition to weakside linebacker? Is the buzz around Shamier Jeffery and Shaq Roland for real? Was Stephen Garcia right to tell us the stay the hell outta five points? Also, George - in classic George fashion - has an alt country music recommendation, and I give a lukewarm endorsement of House of Cards.

All that and more in this week's episode of Half Cocked.