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South Carolina Scrimmages Friday


The Gamecocks scrimmaged this afternoon. As usual, it was mostly the young guys getting the snaps, with guys like Dylan Thompson and Mike Davis taking a backseat to their backups. A few quick thoughts:

--Shaq Roland had a good week last week, and he caught some balls today in the scrimmage. If you listen to Spurrier's interview, the OBC says that Roland was "hustling" in the scrimmage. Needless to say, that's what we want to hear, that Roland is gaining focus and putting forth more effort. Also, Connor Mitch was interviewed and mentioned how much he enjoys throwing to Roland. (Mitch seems like a confident, well-spoken kid, BTW, for someone who is still high-school age.) If both Roland and Shamier Jeffery continue their positive trend, I don't think receiver should be an issue for us next year, even without Ace Sanders. Jeffery caught the one TD pass, BTW.

--The press caught up with Bruce Ellington afterwards, and Ellington confirmed that he'll play both sports next year, by the way. It was pretty amusing hearing Ellington compare Spurrier and Martin, BTW. Basically said that Spurrier yells occasionally, but Martin is fired up all the time. Also said that he and Martin are very close, confirming that while Martin has a reputation for being an, ahem, intense coach, he also builds good relationships with his players.