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The Feed Pail: October 27, 2014

Volleyball!; SEC officiating scandal; Blasting Benedict; Nix to Pitt; Skai Moore; Vote of Confidence in Whammy & so forth

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Gamecocksonline: Gamecocks Defeat Defending SEC Champion Missouri, 3-1.  The volleyballers are 15-7 (5-4) with two league victories in a row.  Perhaps I was too quick to say Scott Swanson's team was underperforming? Plus - No. 21 South Carolina, No. 6 Texas A&M Battle to 2-2 Draw in women's soccer.  Another tie, but I will take it against a top 10 opponent on the road, any day and twice on Sundays.  We are 11-4-3 (4-3-3) on the season.

Fox Sports: SEC has lost almost all credibility and integrity in officiating.   Serious charges are levied by ex-NFL head official Mike Pereira, who claims that a "mystery man" (a league official in Birmingham? not the booth guy) is participating in on-the-field decisions during games using the SEC's new officials headset system.   For its part, the SEC has responded saying the charges erroneous and without merit .. unfounded and irresponsible.  This is a lot more than missing two guys on the field wearing the same number; these allegations by Pereira - no piker - go right to the integrity of the game.  Is it a sub-rosa attempt at centralized replay?  That wouldn't bother me if the league was up front about it.  But they deny it vociferously.  If it turns out to be true, the secrecy and denials will tarnish Mike Slive's reputation during his final ninth months as SEC commissioner.

SB Nation: Pete Volk weighs in here - Mike Pereira angry about SEC refs apparently taking input from someone not on field.

NBC CFT: SEC condemns Mike Pereira’s attack on its officiating. "How do we know for sure Mike Periera swings a big stick in the world of football officiating? He can post a column at 1 a.m. ET on a Saturday night and get the world’s third-proudest football league – trailing only the NFL and EPL – to respond." Keep an eye on this story.

Get the Picture: The last tradition college football will abandon - crappy officiating.  Follow the link to calls for centralized video review.

Sortstalksc: USC beats Benedict in exhibition game 92-47 in front of more than 10,000 (AUDIO). Great turnout for an exhibition.  Unfortunately it looks like G TeMarcus Blanton is lost for the season after hip surgery on Friday.

Palmetto Recruiting: USC big man target C Rozelle Nix committed to Pitt.  Spring Valley's P.J. Dozier made his final official visit to Carolina this weekend with his father, former USC basketball player Perry Dozier.  In football, Wren, SC native D.J. Jones - a FSU commitment - was at USC-Auburn and was favorably impressed with the Plainsmen.  It would be a minor miracle for USC to flip him.

The Daily Gamecock: South Carolina defense outmatched from beginning by Tanner Abel.  There are a few other USC-Auburn stories to check out, too.

GamecockPride: 3 Things to Take from the Auburn Game.

College & Magnolia: The View From 102: The South Carolina Game by Walt Austin, from our sister blog.

Rocky Top Talk: Weighing expectations for bowl eligibility.  We're right there with you, Vols.  Plus - Tomorrow is Today.

Gamecock Central: Defensive coaches given vote of confidence by the HBC.  Has all the praise Spurrier personally received made him more magnanimous - as opposed to the Mizzou and UK games, where he too caught some pointed criticism?   Or is this all window-dressing for an seasons-ending bloodletting?  Plus - the GCR Podcast.

Gamecock Cereal: Rixon asks if Dylan is clutch - A Study In Clutch Quarterback Play. "The biggest issue is obviously turning the ball over in the final quarter. Thompson has done it far more consistently in these situations than Shaw did." Do you agree with his ultimate conclusion though - it's easier to be clutch late in the game when the other team isn't scoring?

ESPN SEC Blog: SEC Power Rankings: Week 9.  Plenty of pain; but no gain.

Vols247: Spurrier: Vols', Gamecocks' records 'not real good'.

The Big Spur: Uh-oh - Skai Moore 'may be doubtful' against Tennessee.

Pensacola News-Journal: Wrapping up all the Spurrier-back-to-Florida nonsense - Spurrier back? No, but it was Sunshine State’s best era. "The idea of him returning to coach the Florida Gators, provided Will Muschamp is fired the second the season ends, was floated around earlier this week. Naturally, it grew legs. Everything these days gets legs. Like some monstrous potion."  Very true.


As always, if you see a good link out there or want to discuss Gamecock sports in general, don't hesitate to link it or shout it out.  This is your community.  As the old fight song says, Carolina! Let your voices sing!