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The Feed Pail: October 28, 2014

Stephen Being Stephen; Auburn Post-Mortems Continue; Vols' QB Questions; Full-Court Press on Tevan Mack

UT Head Coach Butch Jones
UT Head Coach Butch Jones
Kevin C. Cox

Stephen Garcia: An honest look at Steve Spurrier’s motivational tactics:

As a former player and quarterback for Coach Spurrier, I can tell you firsthand that it’s not fun at all being ripped to shreds after a game in front of your teammates and in the media. It’s an absolute confidence killer. It did, however, give me some very thick skin.

Read the whole thing.  There has never been a Gamecock I loved more, and was also more happy to see go, than Stephen.  I wish some of the motivational tactics he decries had sunk in.  We'd have possibly won a championship in 2010 or 2011, and Stephen would likely be in the NFL rather than writing for SDS and doing chug contests with Clemson Tom.

The Rubber Chickens: Snap Judgments – 2014 USC @ Auburn Edition.  "Saturday was the most relaxed I’ve been during a Gamecock football game in ages."  Read it all.

The Daily Gamecock: Sports Editor Danny Garrison goes over some Possible postseason destinations for South Carolina.   Plus - Volleyball finds winning form with 2 weekend victories. Would Gus Malzahn ever use Steve Spurrier's fourth-down approach? Well, he already has.

WLTX: Gamecock Reporter's Roundtable: Auburn.   Skip the ad.

Gamecock Central: Report card: Auburn and  Up next: Vols 'work in progress' under Jones.

Bleacher Report: Tennessee Volunteers vs. South Carolina Gamecocks Complete Game Preview and  An Open Letter to Volunteers Who Want to Fire Butch Jones.  Crazy gonna be crazy whether it wears Garnet and Black or Orange and White.  Spurrier and Jones are top-shelf. Butch Jones says Vols ‘in no rush' to pick QB.

Gamecocksonline: Nick Jones Video Feature.

Sportstalksc: Revolving door of coaches at Tevan Mack's house this week.

Gamecock Cereal: 1984: The Year of Black Magic - East Carolina.

MrSEC: Ex-NFL Official Mike Pereira Fires At The SEC; But The Claims Seem Far-Fetched.   John Pennington suggests that it's Pereira who isn't credible, but his whole angle that Fox Sports is trying to wound the SECN -ESPN marriage seems a tad tinfoil hat to me.

Rock Hill Herald: NCAA's Emmert calls N. Carolina report troubling.   Ya think?  Do something about it, then.