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The Feed Pail: October 29, 2014

Don't sleep on hating Tennessee.

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Saturday Down South: Fans react to SEC bias from the Playoff Committee. Too funny.  Plus Jimbo Fisher blames ESPN, SEC for negative attention on Florida State.  Sure coach; Jameis had nothing to do with it. Vols Ready For Gamecocks.

Rocky Top Talk: Talking Points: Jones Coy On Quarterbacks.

USA Today: Coach Spurrier looking at bowl bid for Gamecocks.

Gamecock Central: Is the 3-4 defense quietly fading away?

Garnet Report: So Close Yet So Far: Moving Past Auburn.

The Big Spur: The HBC's Tuesday presser transcript - Spurrier: Team, not defense, shoulders Auburn lossPlus Black uniforms against Tennessee? Looks like Lil G spilled the beans.

College Spun: Thinks Carolina fans are getting trolled with the black unis thing.

Greenville News: Spurrier to concentrate on calling 'Ball Plays'.  Good news.  Spurrier's desperation playcalling against AU has convinced him of the need for more Fun 'n Gun. C'mon Coach.  Run first; establish the pass second.  Please.  And more David Williams.

Sportstalksc: Defensive back James Valdez plans to be at USC Saturday.

Gamecock Cereal: Future Opponents: Week Nine.

Garnet & Cocky: Dylan Thompson Is Having A Record Setting Season.

Gamecocksonline: Practice report - Gamecocks Work to Right the Ship Against TennesseePlus Gamecock Duo's Friendship Spans Two Continents.

GamecockPride: Presser Refresher: Tennessee vs. USC.

ESPN SEC Blog: It's always entertaining with Steve Spurrier and SEC bowl projections: Week 9.  At least Charlotte is a close drive.

The Daily Gamecock: Men's soccer looks to gain ground in conference at ODU.

Get the Picture: Don’t cry for me, Columbia. The Pups are feeling salty again.  If they got points for arrogance, UGA would have all four slots in the Playoff and play a split squad national title game. (Ed - would they only be 5 yards away then, too?)  Too bad their stars just can't seem to avoid cash-for-swag trouble, but then there's always one to step up when a guy gets shown the door in Athens.  That must be the fault of Athens-Clarke Co. Police ... the NCAA ... the AJC ... not enough cash for players ...  haterz.

MrSEC: Will Muschamp Preps For His Stint In The Alamo.  "Thermopylae.  Little Bighorn.  The Alamo.  Pick your favorite "last stand" reference and apply it to Will Muschamp's upcoming game versus Georgia."  Will some of our fellow Gamecocks still want Will as our new D cooordinator if UGA lays the wood at the WLOCP? Pac-12 votes to guarantee student-athlete scholarships.  Just remember who did it first.