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Conference Logos with Minor Changes

One click equals a brand new logo!


Perhaps you've read about the new ACC logo on the Internet. It's like the old one, with a slight tilt. We in the Graphics Industry (slogan: Unimportant Work for Little Pay!) refer to this sort of manipulation as a skew. Here's how you'd go about such a thing:

<img src="">

Obviously there's a bit more to the new ACC logo than a minor skew, but it got us thinking: what if the other conferences made minor graphic changes to their logos and called it a major rebrand?

We decided to answer the question no one's asking.

SEC: boldface


Nothing says SEC like boldface. Mike Slive likes the expanded lettering, so far as the letters do not include B, Y, or U.

B1G: Strikethrough


Honestly I just had this sitting around.

Big 12: Bloat


This is based on the new Big 12 logo which, as I understand it, will be adopted wholesale this summer. The actually logo kinda bows in, so why not take it the other direction? Also, Charlie Weiss.

AAC: tried to make it into a box


The AAC logo already looks shopped to hell so I had to get creative. I have this set of Photoshop actions that, after some templating, allows you to create a variety of 3D products using the click of a button. Because my only parameter was "one click", I had to skip the set-up phase and just executed the action directly to the logo image. The result kinda looks like the AAC logo stabbing itself, which somehow makes sense.

Pac 12: Invert colors


Not half bad, really.

Notre Dame: LENS FLARE


Don't let the ACC fool you, Notre Dame's still indie as hell. They get a lens flare because it looks a little saintly and "glistening Holtz spittle" isn't a Photoshop effect.

The NCAA: Mark Emmert's Hair


Disclaimer: I might have used more than one click on this one.