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The Feed Pail: August 31, 2014

Misery loves company.

Grant Halverson

TFP:  Just the basic facts; can you show me where it hurts?

Battle Red Blog: Tracking The 2014 Houston Texans Practice Squad: Candidates, Rules, Salary, and More. Who knows if the Texans are interested in Connor Shaw, but this is a good article on how the practice squad works.  In the comments, I see for the second time in as many days that some Texans fans have expressed an interest in Shaw in a way the Browns fans never did.  To me, Houston over Cleveland would not even be a head scra-  "yes!"   But Connor's wife has family in N.E. Ohio and they are expecting, plus he knows the coaches, the playbook, etc.

Gamecock Central: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown - Texas A&M.

National Football Post: Tough road ahead for Gamecocks.

Sometimes it takes that type of kick to the ribs to get a team moving to where it needs to be. - See more at:

Sportstalksc: Misery loves company; Tigers join USC with lopsided season opening loss.  Oh, the Tigs were all over the net all day Friday and through early Saturday afternoon, enjoying the last few hours of "Talkin' Season" at our expense.  Now?  Crickets.   That being said, if anyone has any ideas on how we plan to contain Gurley in two weeks, I am all ears.

GamecockPride: PODCAST: Rob Veno on USC vs. A&M.

Durham Herald Sun: Spurrier, Duke's '89 ACC champions return to campus.

Garnet Report: Gamecock Fans: The Sun Still Came Up.  I had missed that Mike Davis shot out a tweet on August 29 saying that he still loved the team "even if our own fans disrespect us."   He later removed it.  Color me extremely disappointed that the guy who assured the fans he was ready to go when he wasn't gets chippy when the team laid an egg.

Garnet & Cocky: Gamecocks Vs. Aggies: What Went Wrong - "First and foremost, there were missed tackles everywhere."   I agree. The Aggies had  a better game-plan and they played lights-out.  Had we tackled better, we still would have lost - but we wouldn't have been humiliated.  If we don't grasp the fundamentals better, however, then we will be humiliated again.

Greenville News: Cleveland Browns release former Gamecocks QB Shaw.  Shaw, Legree, Quarles, Hampton and Succop all cut.

Gamecocksonline: Volleyball Gamecocks Top Georgia Tech, 3-1, to Win Gamecock Invitational.

Fayetteville Observer: ECU now ready for big test.  "We're not predicting ECU will be one of the teams picked for the new four-team playoff. But under the new system the top team from outside the five power leagues - the ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 - will receive an automatic berth in one of the six bowls incorporated in the playoff rotation. The Pirates could legitimately be that squad when the regular season comes to an end in early December."

New Bern Sun Journal: Pirates carve up Central"We are going to hit you in the mouth, if you want some, come get some, that’s how we do it."

Best College Sports: ECU Football Preview: Can ECU Do What UCF Did Last Season? From last Thursday.

Raleigh News & Observer: If East Carolina can play up to potential, big prize awaits.  From last Wednesday.