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Our Digital Season: Week 5 — Missouri at South Carolina

It's The DigiTigers at the DigiCocks!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

A week ago, ODS projected a thrilling triple overtime victory for the Gamecocks. That did not happen, although an equally uninspiring victory over the IRL-Dores left a sour taste in all our mouths. Maybe this week will be better! Both digi- and IRL Cocks welcome the Missouri Tigers into town. You'll recall last year's game was ACCURATELY PREDICTED as a double overtime victory for the Gamecocks. No, I won't ever let you forget about that.

Before we continue, I must let you know of 2 things:

1. It's been an incredible busy week for Jorge IRL, so I'm just getting to this on a Friday night.

2. I was about 60% of the way through the live simulation, when the stupid thing froze on me. Even from beyond the grave, EA Sports NCAA Football is out to make my blood pressure spike. Mizzou was beating our pants off, FWIW. But sadly, I won't have time to do another full live simulation so unfortunately we'll have to zip through this one, super-sim style.

Gamecocks win the toss, and here's what happens on each drive.

1st Quarter

SC Drive 1: Quick 3 and out. Punt.

MIZZ Drive 1: Fumble at the goal line, recovered by SC.

SC Drive 2: Another 3 and out. Punt.

MIZZ Drive 2: Field goal, 3-0 MIZZ.

SC Drive 3: Thompson 6 yard pass to Roland for touchdown, 7-3 SC.

2nd Quarter

MIZZ Drive 3: Field goal, 7-6 SC. Both MIZZ field goals were snapped from inside the 10 yard line.

SC Drive 4: Pharoh Cooper returns kickoff for a touchdown. How about that! 14-6, SC.

MIZZ Drive 4: Pass intercepted by Skai Moore! Pass was thrown from inside the 10. That's now two field goals and two turnovers inside the 10 yard line. Didn't someone say something about closing out drives?

SC Drive 5: SC starts a decent drive, but eventually runs out the clock (both MIZZ drives were quite lengthy.)

3rd Quarter

MIZZ Drive 5: 3 and out. Punt.

SC Drive 6: 3 and out. Punt.

MIZZ Drive 6: Field goal miss. SC takes over.

SC Drive 7: Mike Davis 9 yard touchdown rush. 21-6, SC.

MIZZ Drive 7: 3 and out. Punt.

4th Quarter

SC Drive 8: Thompson 8 yard touchdown pass to Mike Davis. 28-6, SC.

MIZZ Drive 8: Mauk 7 yard touchdown pass to Hunt. 2PC no good. 28-12, SC. Onside kick recovered by SC.

SC Drive 9: Thompson 9 yard touchdown pass to Anderson. 35-12, SC.

MIZZ Drive 9: Turnover on downs (4 and out)

SC Drive 10: Mike Davis 5 yard touchdown rush. 42-12, SC.

MIZZ Drive 10: 3 and out, punt.

SC Drive 11: SC runs out the clock.

FInal Score: 42-12, Gamecocks.

So while the super-sim is the less satisfying ODS experience, it certainly yielded a better game for South Carolina fans. Mike Davis with 3 total touchdowns, Dylan Thompson with an effective day (13-23, 215 YDS, 3 TD, 0 INT) and the defense holding Missouri to 12 points. South Carolina didn't really play as well as the score would suggest, but the entire team made plays when it counted—the turnovers, the kickoff return. Heck Carolina scored half its points in the 4th quarter on short fields. Up to that point, they really hadn't done much on offense. Mizzou actually outgained South Carolina, but the DigiCocks didn't have a pair of red zone turnovers.

So anyway, big win for the DigiCocks. Will the IRL Cocks follow suit? If so, ODS will move above .500 for the first time this season.

Hey, sorry this kinda sucked this week. I blame Kenny Chesney. Until next week!