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We asked South Carolina fans what they wanted for Christmas, and they responded

Yeah, this was supposed to be posted a few days ago, but better late than never.

Kena Betancur/Getty Images

By now, you may have just finished leftovers, packed up the car for the trip home, or are already home. Regardless, hopefully your Christmastime with loved ones and friends was festive and joyful. Due to the holidays, we weren't able to post this #VerySpecialChristmasEdition of the GABA Q&A sooner, but we figured that we'd give you a peek at some of the responses we got to a question we asked on Christmas Eve:

There were a lot of common responses, some different, and maybe one or two off the grid, but here are our favorites. And, of course, you're more than welcome to join in the conversation in the comments or on the Twitter machine.

Santa knows, Stewart. Santa knows. And I feel as if other Gamecocks fans are alongside you rooting for the Sooners to beat the Tigers on New Year's Eve and for Big Game Bob to come up big once more in search of his second national title - Oklahoma's first since 2000. As for men's hoops, well, they're looking pretty good thus far, aren't they? Let's hope that SEC play brings plenty of good cheer as well.

I'd assume that by "a player in NYC", he means a Heisman winner, and that by a "trip to Atlanta", he means the SEC Championship. Which we hope occurs as well. We hear you, Eddie.

The recruiting thread is one that came up several times in our mentions the other night. I'll say this - the way that Will Muschamp and company are recruiting, the Gamecocks will get that top 25 class in no time. And, yes, basketball to continue to win and baseball to get back on the right track would be great, too.

I have to say that we had quite a bit of #BOOMERSOONER love in our mentions. Understandable, since it's the team playing Clemson, but the Tigers are going to get throttled either in the semis or in the final (if they make it), so a loss for them is pretty much inevitable, I think. (prepares to get torched by Clemson fans. Oh, well.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.