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Rivalry jabs, FAY-ROW, and #SpursUp: Fifteen of 2015's best tweets from or about the Gamecocks

As a self-proclaimed Twitter fiend, I spend a lot of time reading and sending tweets. Here are some of the best ones shared by Gamecock athletes and coaches this year.


Connor Shaw may no longer take the field for the Gamecocks, but the legend of #TwoSprainz and all of his injuries/accomplishments will live on forever.


Jerri Spurrier is the best. I want to be her when I grow up.

I'm including one of GABA's own (and specifically, my own) tweets in this article, because in a sad season for the baseball team, this was a moment of fun that we can remember forever thanks to the internet.


This doesn't really have anything to do with the Gamecocks, but it's a good tweet that came from a Gamecock, so it makes the list.


Steve. Spurrier. Might. Need. Some. Tips. On. Tweeting.

Granted, things didn't end up working out the way we all would've liked, but this list would be incomplete without at least one rivalry tweet.


Frank Martin had a lot of great tweets this year. This was one of them.


Speaking of rivalry tweets, #FREISMAN is my favorite (we won't talk about the outcome of this particular game).

FAY-ROW forever.

Okay, so this one didn't actually come from someone affiliated with the Gamecocks, but well played, Arby's. Well played.

Unfortunately, the Gamecocks didn't win any other games while Elliott served as interim head coach, so we never got to see him crowd surf.


This list wouldn't have been complete without Will Muschamp's first tweet as USC's new football coach, nor would it have been complete without one of his many #SpursUp tweets, which seem to have given the fanbase some energy and excitement after a dismal season.

Who knew Marcus Mooney was a two-sport athlete?

One more thing...

There was one tweet this year that takes the cake as worst Gamecocks-related tweet of 2015. It came from Spurrier, and I have no doubt it contributed to the downward spiral the football team experienced this year.

The #ChesneyCurse is real, y'all. Keep that man away from our football program.

There were probably more than 15 great Gamecocks tweets this year, so which others could've made the list? Let us know in the comments.