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South Carolina vs. Florida: Game Balls

Some players did in fact play well

South Carolina vs Florida

Before I dive into this article I would just like to make an observation.

This is the best the USC offense has looked in about three years, and all our offense has to its name is a transfer quarterback, a beast of a running back and one receiver who at least catches some of the balls thrown his way.

If this predictable offense can create this kind of success early on in the season, I wonder how the offense would have run with at least Bryan Edwards still at this team’s disposal. Would one receiver make this squad a bowl team? Just a thought.

Ok, Rant over.

There were some good things to build on from this contest like the success of the running game and Collin Hill’s first half where he would have completed almost 100% of his passes if it weren’t for embarrassing drops from pretty much all the receivers on the offense. There was also Israel Mukuamu’s pick, which was South Carolina’s first since Nov. 9 of last year.

The sad part was there was much more bad. The defense can’t tackle, the receivers can’t catch, the game plan was either run or throw to Shi Smith, the secondary gave up too many big plays, the coaching staff loves to kill the clock, yeah.

Next week’s game against Vanderbilt is coming at a good time, and I am awaiting a more positive article to write.

To bring some light into this one, let’s commend some players!

Offensive Game Ball: Kevin Harris

I believe he was one of the only players that truly had a good day today.

The USC offense excels when the running game is on, and it definitely was today.

Harris rushed for 100 yards on 22 carries, good for a 4.5 yard average, and was the first rusher to hit triple digits since Deshaun Fenwick ran for 102 yards last season against Vanderbilt.

He even scored two of the team’s touchdowns today, one through the air and the other on the ground.

It felt like when the offense was stalling, all they had to do was give the ball to Harris and he’d go to work.

It’s good to see that despite the MarShawn Lloyd injury, the backfield still continues to eat.

Defensive Game Ball: N/A

Yeah, Mukuamu got an interception, but he also got burned on multiple routes.

Yeah, many defenders got sacks or tackles for a loss, but they couldn’t get back there consistently.

Most importantly, this defense gave up 38 points.

I gave them a pass last week with the pick jacking up the score, but not this week.

Hopefully this defense fixing some of their glaring mistakes.

Honorable Mentions: N/A

Collin Hill, though he had an impressive first half, passed for only 212 yards on 47 attempts.

Shi Smith wasn’t immune to the drops bug.

Special teams, mainly punt team, has lots of room for improvement (I miss Joseph Charlton).

Let’s get ‘em next week.