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South Carolina vs. Georgia: Game Balls

Another night game, another L

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Remember all the positives there were to discuss after the Missouri game? Feels like ages ago now.

We saw the South Carolina defense take multiple steps back while the offense played, truthfully, how I expected them to.

The backups on the defensive end played like backups, and I was grateful to even see the Cocks get 16 points considering the lack of protection the offensive line was giving and how no one could step up in Shi Smith’s place with the exception of Nick Muse.

To credit Georgia, they also did an incredible job of containing Luke Doty.

I thought to win the game, the defense would have to make plays because the offense would only supply a maximum of 17 points, and no one did, for the most part.

You could blame South Carolina’s performance on the players out because of COVID, opting out or injury, but it was still a tad disappointing.

Anyway, some guys did play well.

Let’s go!

Offensive Game Ball: Nick Muse

Doty and Muse have developed something really nice, although it’s probably due to the fact that there are no other capable options to throw to.

If Brooks, Vann or literally anyone else hadn’t produced yet, I didn’t expect anything to change against Georgia.

Muse caught eight balls for 131 yards, including his first SEC touchdown, and it seems at least as of now, he has taken over the role Shi Smith held until last week.

Just about half of Doty’s completions were to Muse, which shows his worth to his offense.

It also appears he mainly fixed his drops problem.

Hopefully he sticks around next year, although it looks like his fate is directly linked to tight ends coach Bobby Bentley.

Defensive Game Ball: N/A

South Carolina allowed THREE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR rushing yards (counting their top four ball carriers on the day).

I can’t even remember the last time I saw that in an SEC game.

It’s as if Georgia told them they were running the ball, and they still couldn’t stop it.

Oh, and the Bulldogs scored 45 points, including scores on every second half drive not counting the game-ending one.

There will be better days ahead for this Gamecock defense.

Honorable Mentions: Jammie Robinson

Yes, the defense played terribly, but I felt like Robinson was the only guy out there on the defensive end with a pulse.

Because of how they played as a unit, I thought USC’s defensive field general was only deserving of an honorable mention, not a game ball.

Robinson was just about the only guy who could make an open field tackle, and the passing defense wasn’t the biggest issue Saturday night either.

He also had a beautiful diving interception, although it proved to be pointless at the end.

Let’s get ‘em next week.