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South Carolina vs. Texas A&M: Game Balls

Sometimes I wish there was a different name for this column

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports


This game did not go as planned.

It was Texas A&M’s world last night (at Willy-B nonetheless), and the Gamecocks were simply living in it.

When I said this needed to be a Collin Hill game, he had his worst showing in a Gamecock uniform.

When I said they had extra time to prepare, so they better not come out flat, they somehow managed to play worse than some teams preparing for one day would, theoretically.

This was all on the coaching, and there’s no way around it this time.

Some losses you could put on things such as bad tackling, dropped passes or not yelling “fire” on a punt, but playing like this was inexcusable.

Also, I’ve went to every South Carolina home game for the last four years, and if you’ve ever went to the games, they always play a hype video immediately before the fourth quarter.

This was the first game I’ve ever been to where they just decided not to play it (correct me if I’m wrong?).

Just a small yet depressing detail I wanted to share.

Additionally, not sure of the credibility, but this has been floating around, and I thought this may be of interest.

Ok, you know what’s happening here, but let’s get to the “game balls.”

Offensive Game Ball: N/A

Yes, Harris should have been fed the ball A LOT more in the beginning of the game, but one of Texas A&M’s strengths is their run defense.

Not sure anything would have changed.

I can see why they went pass heavy in the beginning, but passing for 66 yards and two picks is laughable.

It looks like there will officially be an open competition for quarterback too, so maybe the cries for Hill to be benched will actually be responded to.

Defensive Game Ball: N/A

No turnovers, no life and this team quit midway through the third quarter.

No rewards for allowing 48 points.

Honorable Mentions: The fans that stayed until the end

Man, if you didn’t turn this game off or didn’t leave the stadium until the very end, I praise your loyalty.

Watching your team lose by 45 isn’t for the weak-minded.

Let’s get ‘em next week.