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South Carolina backs out of Gasparilla Bowl

Not so fast.

Arden Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It appears our South Carolina Gamecocks will NOT be appearing in this Saturday’s Gasparilla Bowl after all, as folks from 107.5 FM and TheBigSpur first reported that there are COVID issues within USC’s coaching staff that will prevent the team from being healthy enough to travel and play.

According to TBS’ JC Shurburtt, a staff member recently tested positive, and due to contact tracing, most of the coaches are in quarantine.

The Gamecocks were already close to running afoul of the numbers necessary to play, after bringing a season-low contingent with them to the season-ender against Kentucky and only practicing with “51 or 52” this weekend, according to interim coach Mike Bobo. Practice yesterday was canceled out of caution, and well, now we see why.

And so South Carolina will officially and mercifully end its season at 2-8 and without the opportunity to catch a beatdown from Conference USA champion UAB. Merry Christmas to all; let’s turn the page.