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Dominique Archie "Out Indefinitely"; MRIs Reveal No Major Tear

Good news, Gamecocks fans: Dominique Archie's injury has been tentatively ruled a minor strain rather than a major tear. Archie is "out indefinitely," but if this MRI is accurate, I'd say he'll be out for a few weeks, in time for the beginning of conference play. This is essentially the injury that Brandis Raley-Ross had last year, and Raley-Ross was able to come back and contribute.

I'm really happy for Archie, as I would have hated to see him go out like this. I also think this leaves our chances at the NCAAs intact. We won't have Archie for the next few non-conference games, at the very least, and that means we'll have to take on good teams like Western Kentucky, Clemson, Baylor, and Boston College without him. With Archie in the lineup, I would have given us a decided edge over WKU, Baylor, and at Boston College (as well as Miami last night) and a slight chance at Clemson. Now, I doubt we can hang with Clemson without our team really shooting lights out, and our chances against the 'Toppers, Bears, and Golden Eagles are lower, too. However, if we can split the winnable non-con games and not drop any to the lesser opponents, we'll be in position to make a tourney run when Archie gets back.