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Darrin Horn Receives Extension

Coach Horn is receiving an extension. Per The State:

A revision to Horn's contract is on the agenda for Monday's meeting of the USC board of trustees. Several sources said Horn is expected to get a raise of $300,000, and the length of his deal will also be increased by an unknown amount.

Horn's current contract annually pays him $800,000 plus incentives. He is in the second year of a five-year deal he signed upon being hired before the 2008-09 season.

While I wouldn't want to see us go Notre Dame-Charlie Weis over Horn just yet, I do think this reasonable raise and extension are deserved. I'm uncertain how much success we're going to see this year due to unexpected injuries, but the fact that Horn is recruiting at a pace that's rarely been seen around here in only his second year is going to mean a lot in a couple of years. This is a coach that stars want to play and that other schools are going to want soon. I'm glad we're making a move to keep him in Columbia.