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Friday News and Notes

I'm going on vacation for the weekend and may not have a chance to update the blog, although if I get a chance I may come around to comment on how the SECT is going. Here are a few news bites for today.

USC Lost to Vanderbilt. Sadly, we had about a million chances to score more runs in this one, but in the end lost by one to the 'Dores. Vandy is making a nice run now after squeeking into the tourney. Meanwhile, we have to take on LSU tonight.

Spurrier Reinstates Ladi Ajiboye and CC Whitlock. Obviously, this is good news; I think hjaving Ajiboye is absolutely crucial to our success.

Ben Axon Arrested on Pot Charges. I guess the joy of getting Ajiboye and Whitlock back couldn't last forever.