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Friday News and Notes: Manny Ramirez and the College Baseball Stretch Run

The big news today is still that Manny Ramirez has been caught doping and has been suspended for 50 games. I don't care much for MLB other than if the Braves are doing well (they're not) and I'm not really following the Ramirez story very closely, so I don't have anything to add other than that it confirms my long-held beliefs that MLB is the most corrupt of the three major professional sports and that Boston's 2004 title may have been staged to renew interest in the game. Don't ask me why I believe the latter; I'm absolutely certain it's true but only in a paranoid, conspiracy-theory sort of way.

Now onto the news that matters. The College Baseball Blog has their projections for the postseason up, and they have us as a two-seed in a Tallahassee regional along with FSU, Illinois, and USF. Considering that this was supposed to be a rebuilding year, I'll accept that if it comes to pass. We may actually have a slight chance at hosting a regional. To do that, I think we need to sweep Tennessee this weekend (very possible--even though the series is in Knoxville, the Vols have been awful this year), win next week's midweek games, and at least win the series against Georgia (very possible with the series in Columbia and UGA struggling down the stretch) next weekend. That would give us 36 wins, which is usually enough. It would also probably make us 2nd in the SEC East and give us good seeding in Hoover. If you haven't already done so, you should also check out cocknfire's breakdown of the SEC standings over at Team Speed Kills.

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