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Saturday News and Notes: Fun with Lane Kiffin and Kentucky Thoughts

We lost last night to Tennessee's baseball team, which makes me want to mock them. Luckily, Lane Kiffin is still their football coach and is here to amuse us. Although it's funny that under Kiffin, 11 Vols have left Tennessee, the best Kiffin story to come out over the last few days is that Kiffin is apparently still recruiting in Pahokee HS. For those of you that don't remember, after signing the highly regarded Nu'Keese Richardson, Kiffin publicly said the high school was full of bumbling idiots that wanted to keep Richardson away from Knoxville (Richardson was originally committed to the Gators). Well, now Kiffin is after another of the school's kids, Antonio Ford, and apparently the Vols are personae non grata at the school. Apparently the principal kicked out the Vols' assistants sent to work the kid. Way to go, Lane! Keep the funnies coming.

The other notable story today is that Patrick Patterson is returning to Kentucky. The 'Cats just signed highly regarded PG Eric Bledsoe and are still awaiting word from John Wall. As Tru as A Sea of Blue says,

Calipari's first recruiting class, which still may not be complete, would include: #2 DeMarcus Cousins, #22 Daniel Orton, #23 Eric Bledsoe, #40 Jon Hood, and 4-star JUCO Darnell Dodson.

The 'Cats are going to be LOADED next year if they get Wall. Let's hope Darrin Horn has some really good tricks up his sleeve.