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Ole Miss at South Carolina Post-Game: Topics for Discussion

Just got back from watching the game. Which was many pleasures this evening. Loaded fries, beer, a victory over the fourth-best team in the country. Yeah. You get the picture.

First of all, I want to thank all the Rebels that came by GABA this week. You guys were great sports, and I wish your team the best of luck from here on out. I don't think you guys played your best tonight, possibly because of the intensity of beginning your SEC year on the road at a tough venue. I'll be pulling for you when you take on the rest of your slate. Especially when you take on the Hogs and 'Bammer.

For Gamecocks: there's a lot to think about tonight. You know what, though? It's all good! It wasn't pretty; it wasn't perfect; but we just beat a very good team! So on the whole, let's get positive! Despite the unneccesary dramatics, I haven't been this happy since we beat Kentucky in 2007. This team is a good one, one that might make us very, very happy this year. The crazy thing to think is that we didn't even maximize our game tonight, yet we still beat a very, very good team.

Continue to pleasure land after the jump. Join the discussion topics.

1. Did our defense redeem itself tonight? Could if continue to play like this?

2. What's the deal in the red zone? I don't want to disrespect the Rebels, but we would have beat the tar out of these guys if we had capitalized in the first half.

3. I usually don't get into these sorts of trite conversations, but seriously. ESPN just called this game closer than the final score on their revamp. Their entire coverage of this game was absolute BS.

4. Eric Norwood. Greatest Gamecock of Our Generation?

5. Spencer Lanning. This guy has redeemed himself. In many, many ways.

6. That McCluster kid is a great player. Too bad the rest of this team didn't come throught for him tonight.

I'm rambling now. The truth is, this was a great win. I don't want to get too excited, but this could be the best team Steve Spurrier has had. Let's see what happens over the next few weeks.

7. One more thing. I want to see more Kenny Miles. This kid wants to play, and he knows how to do it.

8. Oh yeah. Stephen Garcia. You are a football player. End of story.