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Previewing S. C. State at South Carolina: Checking in on the Bulldogs' Offense

South Carolina State may have a lot of trouble running with an SEC team this weekend, but they do deserve our respect. They're currently undefeated, ranked in the FCS, and project to make a run towards the playoffs. (Doesn't that last bit roll off the tongue nicely?) Let's take a look at a couple of their offensive names.

  • The Bulldogs have one of the FCS's better tailbacks in William Ford. Ford ran for almost 1500 yards last season. He struggled in the first two games this year, but bounced back last week for a 100+ yard performance. Ford is a little guy compared to most of the backs we see, so he probably won't break many tackles, at least not against our first team. However, he is fast and capable of the occasional big play, so he's one to keep an eye on. Expect to see him get the ball around 20 times.
  • Bulldogs quarterback Malcolm Young is also playing well. He currently has a rating of around 135 and a 4-1 TD to INT ratio through three games. Northing fancy from this guy, as the Bulldogs prefer the ground game. He's very efficient, though, which is perfect for this kind of offense.