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South Carolina vs. S.C. State: Around the Web

  • Tony Barnhart is the first national writer to pick up on the New Carolina mantra.
  • Coach Wolford explained he is worried moving Jariel King to DT would leave the OL vulnerable to getting ground down against quality defensive fronts.  Despite that, Kyle Nunn could get his first start at left tackle.  Wolford is also getting a few laughs at the difference in media attention between coaching in the midwest and coaching in the SEC.
  • While the 1-AA Bulldogs do not have a SB Nation site, the Orangeburg Times and Democrat does run a BulldogZone exclusively devoted to South Carolina State sports.
  • Gene Sapakoff of the Post & Courier runs a weekly Braggin' Rights Barometer that gives a forecast for our game with that school in the upstate.  This week, Carolina is the projected victor for the first time this season.
  • While speculation of King moving to DT has been the biggest story among Gamecocks fans, our upstate rivals have faced rumors of a move of a different sort.  For the first time, former five star recruit Willy Korn acknowledged he may transfer at the end of the year.  Korn also claims:

Coach Swinney said right to my face," Korn said. "He said, ‘I guarantee you’re going to be playing in every single game.

Though it's hard to justify more snaps for a player with a current QB rating of -54, Korn obviously feels he isn't getting  fair shake and, more significantly, he has been lied to.  It can only be good news for Carolina that such a high profile recruit from the biggest talent factory in the state is so obviously and publicly dissatisfied with the Tigers.  It's no coincidence that none of the 2010 Byrnes players have committed to Clemson.

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