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THE DAILY FEED 4.23.11 / Link Dump

Gamecocks Should Be Targeting Jared Guest | Leftover Hot Dog

All I have to say is that I too am upset (not shocked) that Darrin Horn isn't recruiting this kid.

Amended Contracts Approved for Spurrier and Staley - Gamecocks Online

Interesting to note that Steve Spurrier's contract now only goes through 2013.

Former Gamecock Corey Jenkins Gets His Story Told | Leftover Hot Dog

LOHD discusses the story of former Gamecock Corey Jenkins. Sad story, this one.

NFL Draft: Sleeper picks - Yahoo! Sports Video

Garrett Chisolm getting some love.

Compu-Picks: Top 30 Upsets of 2005-2010 - Football Study Hall

If you haven't checked them out yet, this new SBN blog is putting out some great material for football nerds. Since I know there are more than a few of those who read this blog, I thought I'd remind you about this site.

Why Penalties Don't Matter - Team Speed Kills

Year 2 discusses why penalties don't really make a huge difference in the long run.

SEC Rushing Yards Adjusted for Sacks - Team Speed Kills

More expert analysis from Year 2.

Friday Forum: On Talking Trash, Will Muschamp, and Steve Spurrier - Alligator Army

Andy Hutchins compares new Gators coach Will Muschamp to Steve Spurrier.

NCAA to penalize North Dakota if it follows Fighting Sioux law - ESPN

Politics and sports collide: An NCAA executive says the University of North Dakota will face penalties for continuing to use its Fighting Sioux nickname and American Indian head logo, despite the fact that the ND state legislature has required the University to do so.