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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Pre-SECT Edition


The SEC may stink this year, but with so many bubble teams, this year's SECT should be fun. Dreams will be realized and crushed. Stay tuned.

1. Florida Gators

No doubt the best team in the league, but lately hasn't been the juggernaut it once was.

2. Missouri Tigers

A balanced team that has won plenty of games, but doesn't inspire confidence for a deep NCAAT run.

3. Kentucky Wildcats

According to the pundits, still decidedly on the bubble despite big win over Florida. Really needs to rekindle the SECT magic this week.

4. Tennessee Volunteers

An intriguing bubble team with an arguably better profile than Kentucky. Could work its way into the tourney with another couple of wins.

5. Ole Miss Rebels

Ole Miss had the week it needed to stay on the bubble, but unless it pulls off a shocker or two in the SECT, it's going to rue the days it lost to Miss. St. and South Carolina.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide

If you haven't seen the video of the final shot in Alabama's recent victory over UGA, you should look it up. Regardless, this team has a lot to prove in the SECT. Like Ole Miss, it will likely curse losses to Tulane and Auburn on Selection Sunday.

7. Arkansas Razorbacks

Technically a bubble team, but probably needs to make it to the finals to have a shot, and may need to win outright.

8. Georgia Bulldogs

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was voted player of the year by the coaches, so there's that.

9. LSU Tigers

Managed to put together a respectable season with strong play down the stretch. Future looks bright.

10. Vanderbilt Commodores

I have a feeling they're going to break a heart or two in the SECT. First up is Arkansas and its road woes.

11. Texas A&M Aggies

Really difficult team to figure out.

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

Opens the SECT against Miss. St. in a battle to see who gets the 12 spot in the final poll.

13. Miss. St. Bulldogs

Played respectably down the stretch.

14. Auburn Tigers

Likely to finish last after it loses to TAMU in the opening round.