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South Carolina at Auburn: Steve Spurrier's Post-Game Press Conference

Spurrier discusses South Carolina's close loss to Auburn

Stacy Revere

On Dylan Thompson's performance and the last play of the game:

I tell you what, we got a throw at the end zone there at the end didn't we? Told Dylan that might be his best play of the night. Stepped up in there and threw it about 50 yards and got it in the end zone. But it wasn't to be. He really had an excellent game. Two of the interceptions he got hit.

On the team's performance:

Lot of guys really played super...really proud of so many of the guys. And we had a lot of the same guys that struggled, as we know, so we weren't good enough as a team to win the game.

On the offensive performance in the red zone:

We were only two of five in red zone chances? That's the worst we've been all year. That's why we got beat I guess.

On the defensive performance:

We forced two punts. We've won some games this year forcing two punts, we all know that.

On special teams:

Special teams got the onside kick and that was a good play. So they did something good tonight! Write those special teams up, did something good tonight, got the onside kick.

On whether the Gamecocks had a chance:

But anyway, we had a chance. We knew we had to play close to perfect on offense. And we didn't do it. We didn't play perfect on offense. So we got beat, but it was almost a fun one.

We messed up down in the red zone a couple of times or else we had a chance.

We go the onside kick, so we stole that possession right there. That gave us a fightin' chance.

On what's next for the team:

We'll regroup and get ready to try to win us a home ballgame.

You can watch the full press conference right here.