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The Feed Pail: Season Opener

A milestone involving the number 200 may take place against the Aggies. Care to take a guess? [No - it's not the number of arrests made at the Statehouse at the Midnight Yell].

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Peter Aiken

TFP: Happy!

Fox Sports: Medal of Honor recipient gets special night with Gamecocks.  "Corporal Kyle Carpenter has done things that require a kind of courage most of us will never understand."  Amen to that.  Kyle stepped in front of a grenade to protect his fellow Marines while serving in Afghanistan in 2010; he is now a sophomore at USC.

Garnet Report: 5 things we learned from crashing Midnight Yell.   Heh.   Channel your inner King Leonidas and say together ..."This.  Is.  Carolina!"  It's going to be electric tonight at Williams-Brice.  Memo to Aggies:  please hold the 2016 Midnight Yell some other place and cut the jokes about the Palmetto State - and  the one about the dog licking himself to get the taste of Gamecock out of his mouth.

The State: Large crowd turns out at SC state house grounds for Aggie tradition.  Ms. Ellis is being pollyanish about the whole thing; the social media reports show it was a lot edgier.

Team Speed Kills: SEC Football Preview 2014: South Carolina Projected to Win the SEC East.

Yahoo! Sports: South Carolina Projected to Win the SEC East.

The Daily Gamecock: Atlanta or bust: South Carolina looks to build on historic 3 years and Davis to power offense. Plus - Thompson's time to take charge.

Leftover Hotdog: Louis Dragner predicts USC 34 A&M 28 in LOHD's 2014 Season Preview vs. Texas A&M.  Check out the Talking Texas A&M podcast by Billy and Moose.   I'm with Billy - when it comes to A&M, I'm wary too.  Take the fan poll on how you think USC will do.

The Rubber Chickens: Tbone is ‘Boning Up on TAMU. "That player you are going to hate: Aggies Tight End Cameron Clear."

Garnet & Cocky: The gang at G&C posts their Pregame Roundtable Predictions.

Dallas Morning News: South Carolina's decision finally comes to roost as Gamecocks open rivalry with Texas A&M. Hyman says it was Spurrier's choice.  Riiiiighttttt.   Eric had nothing to do with it.  Mike Slive had nothing to do with it. Well, y'all know that I was against it then and I'm still against it now, but we're stuck with Gig 'Em for the foreseeable future.  Also - Texas A&M-South Carolina won't get trophy, but governors will.  Since we are guaranteed to have a CU alum as governor for the next four years, not sure if I am all that excited by the trophy.

Gamecocksonline: Cory Burkarth & Andy Demetra Preview South Carolina-Texas A&M.

Gamecock Cereal: The GC boys have been busy blogging:  Summers & Hood preview USC-Texas A&M and The More You Know: Texas A&M.  Plus - The Five Most Fun Gamecocks Games of the Past Five Years.

ESPN SEC Blog: An inside look at Steve Spurrier's office.   Follow the link when you get there.   Also - Aggies DC Snyder eyes results, not talk - and  Spurrier hunts SEC title for Gamecocks.

The Sporting News: Steve Spurrier keeps doing things his way — and succeeding.

Washington Post: Steve Spurrier, undisputed champion of college football’s ‘talking season’. The HBC's best preseason quip: "Dabo still thinks there are nine planets out there."   My 4th grader agrees with Coach.

Good Bull Hunting: Talking Football and Bourbon with Stephen Garcia. Apparently, the GBH boys have been holding onto this in their trick bag since SEC Media Days. Well played, gentlemen.

Gamecock Central: Game week Twitter mailbag. Is Chris Moody our most-improved player on defense?

Athlon: Gamecocks are on upset alert for November 15.   Also - our 14 season-opener win streak is tied for fifth best in the nation.

Get The Picture: Not your regular SEC preseason predictions, 2014 edition.

WLTX: Fans Count Down the Hours Until Gamecock Kickoff.

Bleacher Report: Texas A&M Aggies vs. South Carolina Gamecocks Betting Odds: Analysis, Prediction.

New York Times: The Grey Lady  previews the SEC Network crew.   Have I already said I miss Talkin' Football?  OK. I still miss it.

NBC College Football Talk: Southern Cal suspends Josh Shaw indefinitely for fabricating story.  Due to the fact he has lawyered-up, I am afraid this is not the last we will hear about this situation.  Why didn't he just say he was drinking/partying and jumped on a dare?  More humorously, see "Sucks to be Kansas" - SEC teams rush to schedule the Kansas Jayhawks.  For what it's worth, if we're looking for a BigXII dance partner, then I'd prefer to hook up with Iowa State- to return the 1964 home opener - USC 34 ISU 3.

USA Today: More bad news from Chapel Hill.  Awwww.   For more than a century, UNC has put on airs that they are morally superior to USC based on the way that they run their football team.  Sorry but the facts are the facts - the Heels are now a rogue program.  Will the NCAA do anything about it?

CBS Sports: Ranking FBS college football coaches by playing career, 1-128.  Number 1 won't be a surprise;  I might quibble with the rankings in the middle - e.g., why Mark Dantonio, a USC starter, is ranked so far behind Mark Richt, a Miami backup - but it's the names you know at the bottom of the list that are so fascinating.  Also - it's not too late to check out David Climer's SEC Stadium rankings. Mark Inabinet ciphers SEC Football by the Numbers: Preseason Top 20.  Did you know the HBC was sitting on 199-66-1 in SEC games?   I didn't.  Suddenly, the Bear's record (292 SEC wins) doesn't seem completely impossible anymore - it's now downgraded to virtually impossible.