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The GABA Cast, Episode 65: BREAKING UCONN.

The case for Sindarius Thornwell as SEC POY and why the Lady Gamecocks can upend the bulletproof Huskies.

NCAA Womens Basketball: Connecticut at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

This week, the GABA Cast celebrates DC3’s return welcomes the OG’s back to the pod as we discuss a variety of topics, but mostly we talk a bunch about Gamecock hoops, including:

  • The case for Sindarius Thornwell as the SEC Player of the Year. (Hint: we think he should win it, even though he probably won’t.)
  • What the last week told us about the men’s team.
  • How the Gamecocks Men's team can make, or miss, the NCAA Tournament.
  • ESPN's obsession with Kentucky basketball.
  • How the Lady Gamecocks can take down the UConn Death Star.

We delve into other topics, including the return of Gamecock Baseball (YAY BUNTS) and the implications of DC3's role in the GABA Cast curse. We also answer your questions, go off on tangents, and veer wildly off-topic.

As always, click here to find us (rate, subscribe, and review PLEASE) on iTunes, or just click play below.

Hope y’all Enjoy!