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GABACast Episode 64: This podcast is now in 1st place in the SEC

Both USC basketball teams lead the SEC standings. What a time to be alive.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia at South Carolina
Columbia has caught the basketball fever.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Two-thirds of the terrific trio is back. With DC3 continuing his valiant fight against technical difficulties, Rhonda and Sam must continue their own fight. (Which, btw, we think we’ve done a fantastic job the last few episodes. Just opinion...). Anyway, as usual, this week’s show covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Our winners and losers of the week (which includes Clemson basketball, so that’s always fun!).
  • My reasoning for why Syracuse fans shouldn’t rush the court and aren’t allowed to have fun.
  • Our basketball team(s) continue to be excellent.
  • The intricacies of basketball ‘crootin.
  • Our Alabama and Mississippi State roundball previews.
  • Plus a whole lot of bonus banter in between all the details!

Thanks for listening!