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the only thing that can save us is food at this point

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

So. How we doing?

wait, don’t answer that.

Despite an excruciating loss to the Missouri Tigers on Saturday, a game that featured less offensive movement than the Battle at Dunkirk, there are still some positive things to take out of the week that was.

I swear.

For starters, ‘Will Muschamp Buyout’ is fourth on the list of Google auto populated results.

#KICKERU - y’all, despite the rumors, the South Carolina Gamecocks are the coolest place to be if you want to be a kicker. Kickers get all the girls, btw. Joseph Charlton averaged 53.4 yards per punt! He had one go nearly SEVENTY yards. Parker White is still awesome, even though he missed a fifty-yarder to end the first quarter.

/looks at Mark Berson dismissively.

The defense had it’s best third down success ratio against an SEC opponent since last year’s kentucky game. I mean, they held Missouri to 8-19 (which 5 of those were 3rd and 5 or less), but still that’s something. The defense also had five different players make solo tackles for loss.

Speaking of the defense, they held Missouri’s rushing attack to just 3.6 yards per carry. If they can apply that sort of pressure, the team could fare well against Kentucky (especially since they finally don’t have Benny Snell for the first time in a quarter century).

Apparently, Marco’s Pizza is offering free cheesy bread. I cannot confirm nor deny this situation because my Gamecock mobile app crashed shortly after learning of this opportunity, and I cannot recover said promotional offer.


South Carolina’s baseball recruiting class is apparently ranked No.3 in the country! That’s pretty neat.

One last thing, despite all of the offensive inactivity this past weekend...Bryan Edwards still found a way to make the Sansbury Eye Center play of the game!