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South Carolina struggles, falls 45-16 to Georgia

Well, that wasn't terribly enjoyable.

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks couldn't muster much of a challenge against the hated Georgia Bulldogs on an odd rivalry week, falling 45-16 on Saturday night in Columbia.

The game wasn't competitive from the start, with the Gamecocks getting railroaded by the Bulldogs' offensive attack from the opening kickoff. The halftime deficit was "just" 28-10, with the South Carolina offense mustering a tepid response to stay within something resembling striking distance.

Unfortunately, the second half only got worse for South Carolina, as the Gamecocks continued to struggle to score points or prevent the Dawgs from doing so as Georgia rolled to its victory.

A special shout out goes to Luke Doty -- who is likely the Gamecocks' quarterback of the future -- and running back Kevin Harris, who showed a tremendous amount of heart while tying George Rogers' 14-touchdown season record.

The Gamecocks fall to 2-7 and travel to face Kentucky next week, time TBD.