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Friday News and Notes: Papa John's Bowl, Lady Gamecocks Dominating the ACC

I'm going to be traveling over the next week and a half or so, so posting may be sporadic. I'll be around from time to time, though.

Here's the news for today:

A UConn site takes a look at Stephen Garcia. And they mostly have good things to say about him, aside from pointing out how many sacks he takes.

Also on the subject of Garcia... Steve Spurrier muses on Garcia last year at the Outback Bowl and Garcia now. As you might expect, Garcia now comes out ahead. It's really pretty startling how much progress he's made since then. It's also pretty startling that we're soon going to be calling him a "seasoned veteran." Who would have thought that day would come a couple of springs back?

Lady Gamecocks Beat Wake Forest. That makes two victories over ACC clubs this week for Dawn Staley's team. Music to my ears. This really appears to be a program that's on its way up the ladder. La'Keisha Sutton led the Gamecocks with 18 points.