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Thursday News and Notes: Bowl Notes and Other Tidbits

Merry Christmas from Spartanburg, S. C. As I said last Friday, posting has and will continue to be sporadic while I'm traveling this week. When I get back home, we'll begin talking more about the bowl game. The SEC Hoops Power Poll will also be making its inaugural 2009-10 appearance soon.

Until then, here are some choice links to tide you over on Christmas Eve.

Leftover Hot Dog's Christmas Wish List. Can't disagree with too many of Flounder's wishes, especially regarding recruiting. This has a chance to be a great class if we can close out on a few of these big names.

Spurrier Pleased with Team's Academic Success. Yet another indication that this year's team is different than last year's, IMO. Hopefully we can keep this environment vital going into next season.

UConn: Similar to Iowa? The Huskies resemble last year's bowl opponent in many ways, particularly in that they like to run the ball between the tackles and run a containment defense that relies on the front four to muck things up for the quarterback before he can find what tend to be frequently appearing holes in the coverage.