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Garnet and Black Attack Revised Blogger Heisman Ballot

Alright, you folks have convinced me that I should have opened my ballot up to peer review before submitting it. Remind me to do that next year. Hopefully, Shotgun Spratling will accept a revised ballot. Here's how I see things now:

1. Mark Ingram

No change here. The Heisman should go a consistent, clutch player, and Ingram wins with his steady, yearlong play and his great performance against Gators. Moreover, GwinnettGamecock reminded me that Ingram has a better ypc and many more receiving yards than Toby Gerhart. Good to know.

2. Ndamukong Suh

Although his team didn't win, by my criteria Suh deserves a place high on this list. He's had one of the best years ever for a defensive tackle and was simply jaw dropping against the Longhorns. Perhaps a once-in-a-generation player at tacke. Unfortunately, his kickoff specialist and the guy that committed the horsecollar let him down.

3. Toby Gerhart

As said, Gerhart has had a great year. Perhaps the most talented of the bunch.

Honorable Mention: C.J. Spiller

Spiller also came up big in this conference championship game and had a great year all in all. Unfortunately for him, many in the state of South Carolina will always remember him for his disappearing act against Carolina. Still, a great player that does it in many different ways.

What about Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy?

I'll admit that I only had them on my list due to inertia; I should have gone a little more outside of the box. Both had disappointing years and, moreover, both came up flat in huge games this past weekend. McCoy, of course, has a chance to redeem himself, but I'll have to admit that, in addition to all the unforgettable plays, one of my Tebow memories will be Tim throwing the ball right into the hands of Javier Arenas on a key red-zone drive. Hardly the stuff of cementing one's legacy.

Additional comments and suggestions are, as always, welcome.