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Jay Graham a Candidate for Runningbacks Coach at Tennessee?

Well, it looks like Lane Kiffin is trying to poach another one of our coaches. Reports are that Kiffin is interested in Jay Graham. Graham would fill the runningbacks coach position left vacant by former coach Eddie Gran, who left to join Jimbo Fisher at FSU.

In all seriousness, it would be hard to blame Graham for leaving. Graham is a Vol through and through, having had a successful career in Knoxville during the halcyon days of Peyton Manning and a relatively slim Phil Fulmer. I imagine that if the Vols are really interested and are willing to pay him enough, he's gone.

Graham would be a loss for us. He has done a good job with our backs this and, just as importantly, is a good recruiter. Along Brad Lawing, he has focused on bringing Marcus Lattimore to Columbia. One has to wonder if Kiffin sees Graham as a potential route to Lattimore. Knowing Kiffin, that's quite possible, but I doubt it moves Lattimore; Graham would hardly be Lattimore's only motivation to come here, and Lattimore moreover has shown relatively little interest in UT.

Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops.