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A Plea from C&F

I hope to address more Gamecock football this season than last, but I felt like I had to say something in the wake of what happened in The Daily Feed yesterday.

First of all, let me endorse as strongly as possible the way Gamecock Man and The Feathered Warrior handled what happened in that thread, a situation that they never should have faced in the first place. As the founder of Garnet And Black Attack who is now only an occasional contributor, it is good to know that the site is in good hands.

This site was founded in part on the idea that people could discuss sports, and any other topic that might have something to do with Gamecocks sports, with civility, reason and calm. No one should see themselves or their profession attacked, no matter what the reason for that attack.

I'll leave it to the people who run the day-to-day operations of the site to deal with the fallout and the sanctions that will follow this. But I wanted to ask you all to extend to all people on this site the courtesy that you would extend to anyone else who is what most of us are: A fellow Gamecock.

We have too many important goals this season and too many good memories to share to allow it to be marred by attacks on each other. Now, let's get ready for what will almost certainly be a difficult game against Kentucky.