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SEC Hoops Power Poll: February 7-13


1. Kentucky Wildcats 144 (unanimous)

2. Vanderbilt Commodores 128

3. Tennessee Volunteers 124

4. Florida Gators 105

5. Mississippi Rebels 92

6. Arkansas Razorbacks 80

7. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 78

8. South Carolina Gamecocks 63

9. Alabama Crimson Tide 44

10. Georgia Bulldogs 39

11. Auburn Tigers 27

12. LSU Tigers 12 (unanimous)

See what the voters had to say after the jump.


Soft inside, halfcourt O is a mess... this team is a trainwreck.--Alabama Basketball Blog

Anthony Grant's team is having consistency problems.  Got talent yet not meshing.--Leftover Hot Dog


There are undoubtedly better players than Courtney Fortson in the SEC. But are there any that are more valuable?--Arkansas Expats

There's no way this team makes it in, right?  They'd almost have to win out, wouldn't they?--Rocky Top Talk


Coach Jeff Lebo better pull out the resume and get it updated.--Leftover Hot Dog

All we asked you to do was beat Arkansas. Thanks for nothing, Auburn. Enjoy your new stadium that will be tragically empty next year.--Red Cup Rebellion


Florida is looking more and more like a tourney team. RPI is up, turnovers are down. However, they are still relying on gotta call'em shots to win games too much.--A Bulldog in Exile

A first-rate, second-rate, program at present, but dangerous on any night they play.--VolNation Blog


Blasting Vandy at home... this team is no gimme at home or on the road.--Alabama Basketball Blog

Wins like Saturday's over Vanderbilt will ensure Mark Fox gets the time he needs to build this into a contender in the SEC.--ACC & SEC Blog


Kentucky is the only constant in every poll. I guess that's what happens when you're 22-1...and your coach is Teflon.--Red Cup Rebellion

In a great position to win the SEC title with 3 freshmen starters.--Roll Bama Roll


First 0-16 SEC team of the modern era?--Roll Bama Roll

Rapidly becoming the "Ying" to the Vanderbilt football program's "Yang."--VolNation Blog

Mississippi State

While I'm probably placing a little too much weight on losses to Vanderbilt and Florida, Mississippi State really hurt themselves this week.--Red Cup Rebellion

To me this team screams "underachieve."--Leftover Hot Dog

Ole Miss

Did the smart thing and let Bama get a double-digit lead on them.--Roll Bama Roll

Gotta give them credit, they are consistently scoring 75 ppg, win or lose.  Now, if Andy Kennedy could only score that much at home....--A Bulldog in Exile

South Carolina

Beatdown at UTK has got to hurt. Planning their almost annual trip to the NIT.--Alabama Basketball Blog

The giant killers were absolutely devastated by Tennessee; In this case, Goliath won.--Red Cup Rebellion


The Vols are close on the heels of Vanderbilt and Kentucky in a tight race at the top of the SEC-East.--VolNation Blog

How do you scrape by LSU, but blow out South Carolina? Better figure it out, because you won't play in Knoxville in the NCAA tourney.--A Bulldog in Exile


Vandy is ok being second best in the SEC East because they never get to say that in football.--Leftover Hot Dog

No shame in losing to Georgia on the road.  The Bulldogs were bound to break through sooner or later.--ACC & SEC Blog