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The Daily Feed // 08.30.10


Travis Hill column: Spurrier just makes football more fun |
An entertaining read about why everyone should want Spurrier to succeed in the SEC this year. People, the nation is watching us. Could this be our year? An excerpt to whet your appetite. I want to be entertained. I want to cheer and laugh. I don't want to debate the ethics of whether practice should be closed to a reporter because he pointed out Meyer's casual relationship with the truth. Spurrier is certainly no angel. But he has the unique ability to deal with the pressure of the SEC with a wink and smile. He makes the college football experience more enjoyable for me.

Spurrier Keeps Competitive Despite Setbacks | Post and Courier
After having been disappointed by the Gamecocks so many times in seasons passed, it seems the media is focusing its adulation on our beloved coach.

Suspensions could be in USC players' future | The Herald
Apparently falling too far behind in rent is considered a violation. Couple that with the fact that Wesley Saunders wasn't listed on the depth chart and it's looking more and more like he may miss a significant portion of the season.

Saunders calls into Columbia radio station. That can't be good. My response. | Spur of the Moment
Speaking of Wesley. Travis Haney goes on a rant - although an entertaining one -directed at Wesley Saunders. I guess I'm in the minority that thinks Wesley issuing this little statement wasn't the worst the in the world. After all, it has got to be pretty hard to listen to people call you names all day long when they don't even have all the facts. I feel like someone from the AD should have stepped up and said something - anything - in defense of Wesley. Unless, of course, Wesley is doing his best Roger Clemens impression. Even Haney agrees that what Saunders actually said wasn't all bad. Carefully selected quotation to re-enforce my point of view in 3... 2... 1...

What he said in his statement to the station was obviously fine. No harm in the actual content. When Michael told me he called in, I imagined this angry diatribe railing against stories in our paper and The State, against this claim and that. But, you know, he didn't. Maybe because most of it is true.

Quotation to re-establish actual tone of the article in 3... 2... 1...

However, why in the world is Weslye Saunders listening to sports-talk radio? What in the world did he expect to find? Did he think hosts would be talking in glowing language about him? Sometimes, man, it's just better to insulate yourself. Go play golf (and pay for it). Go to the mall. Go eat some Chick-fil-A. I dunno. But don't listen to talk radio. Listen to Nickelback before you listen to talk radio, if you're Wes.

What say you?

USC Gamecocks Football: 10 Things You Need To Know About Southern Miss | Bleacher Report
Leftover Hot Dog tell you ten things you need to know about the "Mustard Buzzards." Good stuff here.

Six Points: How South Carolina can legitimately compete for the SEC East | The Post and Courier
6 keys to USC's success on the gridiron this year. Any guesses as to what number one is? Offensive line play.


Gamecocks got a good one |
More evidence that our coaches know how to evaluate talent.


Brian Buscher Returns To Serve As Undergraduate Assistant Coach | Gamecocks Online
Former Gamecock Brian Buscher returns to USC as an undergraduate assistant coach. Buscher was a 2003 all American for the Gamecocks and spent three years in Major League Baseball with the Minnesota Twins. He played in the 2002 and 2003 consecutve college world series appearances, and hit .393 in 2003. Buscher will serve as Ray Tanner's bench coach and work primarily with the corner infielders.

ETV To Air An Hour-Long Retrospective On South Carolina Baseball - Gamecocks Online
People, we're not done celebrating the 2010 Baseball National Championship. Not a by a long shot. Accordingly, ETV will be airing an hour-long special entitled Carolina Baseball: Building a Coaching Tradition. They'll also be airing an obscure series called "Baseball with Bobby Richardson" produced in the 1970s. Richardson, I'm sure you'll recall, was the former second baseman for the New York Yankees who later became USC's baseball coach. Click the link for dates and times.