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The Citadel at South Carolina Preview: Checking in on USC's Defense

A few more quick thoughts on this weekend's game, this time on USC's defense.

Stay injury-free. Needless to say, what's most important in this game is for USC to come out injury free. This should be a game where USC can get some of the starters out by the second half and give the starters time to heal up before next week's game against Clemson. However, sometimes things don't go according to plan, and you end up losing a key player in a game like this. Remember when we lost Nathan Peppers in a cupcake game a few years back? Yeah, that wouldn't be good in a week before a game where we'll need all our defensive firepower. Particularly worrisome is the fact that The Citadel runs the option, which relies on fairly aggressive cut-blocking schemes that sometimes lead to injuries. Hopefully, we can get an early lead, force them to throw the ball to play catch up, and not have to worry too much about the cut blocks.

DeVonte Holloman is back. Speaking of injuries, Holloman will be back in action after missing last week due to a concussion. Holloman is a key cog in the defense and a player we'll need against CU.

Assignment football. It took the Gamecocks a half to figure out how to contain Navy's triple-option. Will they remember this week, or will they need time to refresh their memories?