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SB Nation Blogpoll Draft Ballot: Week Eleven

Let me know your thoughts.

1. LSU  Tigers
2. Houston Cougars
3. Oklahoma St. Cowboys
4. Stanford Cardinal
5. Alabama Crimson Tide

Before you say I'm crazy, let me say that I am against a rematch under any circumstances. Under the current system, I believe that the title game should feature an opportunity for teams from two different conferences to showcase their best teams. I think voters should vote against a rematch for this reason. OK--now you  can say I'm crazy. But my opinion probably won't change. I may write a longer post about this later on.

6. Arkansas Razorbacks
7. Boise St. Broncos
8. Virginia Tech Hokies
9. Southern Cal Trojans
10. Oregon Ducks

Arkansas is probably better than six, but, again, I'm voting against a rematch or a matchup between conference foes in the BCS Game. I'll reconsider them after they play LSU. Boise--well, they sure must be shooting themselves for losing to TCU, because they might have gotten a title shot otherwise. VA Tech has actually played well lately, and I have a feeling they may win the rematch with Clemson. So. Cal--well, they're good, but I still detest Lane Kiffin. Couldn't believe him taking jabs at the NCAA in his post-game interview for punishing his corrupt program. Oregon--still inconsistent, still can't play defense. Exciting team, though.

11. South Carolina Gamecocks
12. Michigan St. Spartans
13. Oklahoma Sooners
14. Georgia Bulldogs
15. Wisconsin Badgers

Here are some more two-loss teams. Any of these teams could move into the top 10 to finish the season if they end well.

16. Kansas St. Wildcats
17. Michigan Wolverines
18. Penn St. Nittany Lions
19. Clemson Tigers
20. TCU Horned Frogs

More two-loss teams here, but these are of the slightly less appealing sort than 11-15. These teams each have blemishes that makes them seem a little less impressive than the teams above them.

21. Baylor Bears
22. Nebraska Cornhuskers
23. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
24. Virginia Cavaliers
25. Georgia Tech Yellowjackets

Not a whole lot to say about this group, other than the finish to Baylor-Oklahoma was probably the best I've seen this season. Simply breathtaking. That said, most of these teams are either wildly inconsistent or only a bit better than average.