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SB Nation Blogpoll Draft Ballot: Week Thirteen

Here's my draft ballot. Let me know what you think.

1. LSU Tigers
2. Oklahoma St. Cowboys
3. Virginia Tech Hokies
4. Houston Cougars
5. Alabama Crimson Tide

You all know my thoughts on rematches; as said before, I do believe that 'Bama is likely the second best team, but I'd prefer to see any of these other teams get a shot instead of them. OSU or VT could help themselves by dominating this weekend, although truth be told, 'Bama is probably already in. (Yes, the BCS is so screwed up that 'Bama has a better shot right now than LSU.) I should note that VT is playing well right now; I think voters should give them some credit for improving over the course of the season, particularly if they throttle Clemson this weekend.

6. Southern Cal Trojans
7. Oregon Ducks
8. Stanford Cardinal
9. Arkansas Razorbacks
10. South Carolina Gamecocks

I'm not in favor of giving a Pac-10 team a shot at the title. I think these are all good teams, but they've beaten each other, and Oregon already got its shot at LSU. I do think SoCal is probably the best at this point, though, and might even be a team that could give LSU a run for its money if it wasn't on probation. I can't see putting Arkansas above the Pac-10 group, given that Oregon at least gave LSU something of a game. Lastly, I may be a homer for it, but I think USC has done more than either Boise, Oklahoma, or the two-loss B10 teams. Ergo, top-10 ranking. Hope we get a chance to get that high for real before the season ends.

11. Boise St. Broncos
12. Georgia Bulldogs
13. Michigan St. Spartans
14. Oklahoma Sooners
15. Wisconsin Badgers

And here are Boise and some other two-loss teams. You can take your pick from the two-loss group.

16. Kansas St. Wildcats
17. Michigan Wolverines
18. Baylor Bears
19. TCU Horned Frogs
20. Nebraska Cornhuskers

More two-loss teams and a couple of three-loss teams. I like Baylor the most out of the three-loss teams, due to their set of quality wins. Can't believe Michigan is getting so much love for a BCS bid. Well, I can believe it, but I think it's BS.

21. West Virginia Mountaineers
22. Penn St. Nittany Lions
23. Clemson Tigers
24. Florida St. Seminoles
25. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Take your pick from this group of either inconsistent or mediocre teams. Trust me, I didn't want to include Clemson, but the options below them (Southern Miss.?) just weren't very appealing.