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The Daily Feed: March 22nd, 2013

Stephen Garcia doles out advice to freshman quarterbacks, Marcus Lattimore continues to be an amazing human being, and Today In Jadeveon Clowney.

Kevin C. Cox

Marcus Lattimore is still a better person than you are:

Stephen Garcia to freshman QBs: "Stay the hell outta Five Points." This is not only great advice for teenagers playing football's most high profile position but for non-bulletproof human beings of every station.

Jadeveon Clowney blocked a field goal in spring practice by kicking it out of the holder's hands because OF COURSE HE DID. As much as I'm enjoying the hype surrounding Clowney in the wake of his strong finish to 2012, I'm starting to worry if his 2013 can possibly live up to the legend created by his 4.5 sack performance against Clemson, his GIF hall-of-fame-ization of Vincent Smith, and all of the offseason mythology. Right now, he's where The Strokes were on the heels of Is This It? - somehow managing to live up to unprecedented levels of hype. But fate can be sudden and cruel and, before you know it, Pitchfork could be giving his 2013 season a 5.9.

Eric Nichols' Vine of Clowney's photo shoot was funny enough on its own, but that didn't stop our own George Stevens from improving upon it:

Finally, Chad Kelly is an orange and purple Buddha: