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Bracket Challenge Update: Sweet 16 Set


After the second round, Wilmy and I are in the lead with 47. TrimmingAubreyBeardsley isn't too far behind with 44. As Wilmy mentioned in another thread, we've all taken a beating by now. My Elite Eight is shot in Region 3. I can say that I picked Wichita to make the Sweet 16 based on what turned out to be a correct (although certainly not uncommon) belief that Gonzaga was way overrated. Other than that, my bracket at this point is about where most of yours probably are. I certainly can't claim to have had Oregon, La Salle, or Florida Gulf Coast in my Sweet 16, although Florida Gulf Coast might be my new favorite team.

A few other thoughts on the tourney thus far:
--Ramon Galloway and Gregg Marshall. Le sigh. Galloway has been in total beast mode so far this tournament, and Marshall is reportedly high on UCLA's list. Yeah, I'd say we screwed these two up pretty bad. Since La Salle and Wichita are playing each other in the Sweet 16, one of the two will make the Elite Eight.
--If I had to do it over again, I think I'd pick Louisville to win it all. The Cards are smoldering right now. I still feel like Indiana is the best team, but they don't seem to be hitting their stride right now quite like Pitino's team. If Indiana plays their best game, though, look out.
--There are probably going to be some epic Elite Eight matchups. Hopefully Duke-Louisville, Florida-Michigan, Indiana-Miami. Fun weekend.