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South Carolina Pro Day Recap: Lattimore and Spurrier Make Headlines


South Carolina held its pro day today. Several prospects worked out for scouts from all 32 NFL teams.

The two most notable news items to come out of the day were Marcus Lattimore's performance and Steve Spurrier's comments about the lack of coverage our workouts received from the media. First, Lattimore. While our favorite son did only a limited workout for the scouts, just the fact that he was able to do as much as he did was worthy of note, and evidenced by the fact that his performance drew applause and emotions from NFL scouts, a meat-market crowd not typically known for its sentimentality. If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend reading this writeup from the Carolina Panthers organization for those wanting to share the feelings. Although Spurrier said that he thinks Lattimore's performance may have pushed him into the first round, concerns about his knee and overall durability will probably keep Lattimore from going higher than the third round, but given the progress he's made, you kind of have to begin to feel that this story may have a very happy ending. If anything, Lattimore has proven that he has the desire to do everything it takes to get back on the field, and if it worked for Adrian Peterson, it can work for Marcus Lattimore.

The other news item today was Spurrier's complaint that ESPN devoted more coverage to Southern Cal's Pro Day than to our own. Spurrier played the "can't get no respect" card and made light of the fact that a team that finished seventh in the country couldn't get any more respect than one that finished unranked. While I don't blame SOS for bringing this to everyone's attention--the guy needs to advocate for our program, and he can't resist a zinger--it's still the case that we have some serious distance to make up on the relative perception of our program and Southern Cal's. And like this writer notes, we'll likely get a bit more attention next year, when J.D. Clowney is working out. Southern Cal not only has name recognition this year, but also Matt Barkley, a player who will go before any of our guys and who's going to be under the draft media microscope for the next few weeks.

Scouts also took a look at other Carolina prospects such as Ace Sanders, D.J. Swearinger, T.J. Johnson, and Shaq Wilson, DeVonte Holloman, and Justice Cunningham.