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GABA Bracket Challenge Update: Elite Eight

Patrick McDermott

Going into this evening's action, TrimmingAubreyBeardsley is in first place in the bracket challenge with 64 points, with wilmywoodcock and moi right behind with 63. Look for one of these two to beat me; while I made some solid upset picks, I had New Mexico and Indiana in my Final Four, with Indiana winning. I'm done. Beardsley is in particularly good shape, with all of his Final Four picks still in the field, while wilmy can also cash in if his champion pick, Duke, wins it all.

The three teams I'd pay close attention to from here are Louisville, Duke, and Syracuse. Obviously, tomorrow's Coach K-Pitino matchup is likely to be one of the, if not the, highlight of the tournament, and the winner will likely be viewed as the favorite in the Final Four. Syracuse is another interesting team that's hitting on all cylinders right now with its disciplined zone defense. The Orange did lose at Marquette earlier in the season, and the Eagles are playing well too, but I expect Syracuse to win this game.

As for the other games, Ohio St. or Wichita might be entertaining, but neither has what it takes to win it all. Florida and Michigan are better teams, but neither seems as good to me as the Cardinals, Blue Devils, or Orange.