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Clemson's Howard's Rock Defaced by Vandals

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

As you've probably seen by now, Howard's Rock has been vandalized. Per ESPN,

According to sports information director Tim Bourret, Clemson employees Jeffrey Kallin and William Lewis went to snap pictures of the rock for the marketing department. When they arrived, they noticed the case was off and there was damage to the rock. Bourret estimated only about 15 percent of the rock was removed.

This isn't the first time someone has vandalized the rock:

In 1992, during the week of the game against rival South Carolina, somebody successfully chiseled off a piece of the rock, but officials never found out who did it. That's when university officials put the cover on it. Bourret said the university will now try to further tighten the security around the rock.

Officials are still investigating, so it's not clear that the culprit was a USC fan. However, needless to say, there's a reasonable chance that's the case. If that's confirmed, I'm extremely disappointed in whoever did it, not that the kind of person who would do such a thing would likely care. I dislike Clemson as much as the next one of us, but rubbing the rock is their sacred tradition, and we should respect that. The incident seems like a slightly less extreme version of what happened at Auburn with Harvey Updyke. Is that the kind of behavior we want associated with our fan base? While I was upset over the recent vandalism at Williams-Brice, at least after that you could feel entitled to the moral high ground because it was Clemson's fan base stooping to the low blows, not ours. Now, we likely don't have that moral high ground any more.