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Vegas Over/Under on South Carolina Season Wins at 9.5


The college football season wins betting lines are out. As you'll see if you follow the link, the over/under on Carolina season wins is 9.5. The line is currently juiced on the over at -195, with the under at +155. If I understand correctly, that means the lines favor the over, as you can earn $100 by betting $155 on the under vs. $195 on the over. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on how that works, though, as I don't pretend to understand betting lines very well.

In any event, as said, I'm not a betting man, and nor do I advocate betting on football games, but if I did, I think you can confidently bet on the over. I see our rock bottom as being eight wins, with the four losses coming to Georgia, one out of the three October road games, Florida, and Clemson. That's to say that we play enough good teams to finish under. Right now, though, we would likely be favored in all of those games except Georgia. Given our schedule, expectations should be for a repeat 10-win season at minimum, with a 11 not terribly unlikely and 12 not out of the question if we can figure out a way to get out of Athens with the W. Ergo, over on the 9.5 looks pretty good.