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Suspect Arrested in Howard's Rock Vandalism Case; Suspect Is a Clemson Fan

Streeter Lecka

A suspect was arrested this morning in the Howard's Rock case, and it turns out that the suspect is a Clemson fan. Here are the details:

Clemson University police arrested an 18-year-old in connection with vandalism to Howard's Rock and charged him with one felony and one misdemeanor.

Micah Rogers of Pisgah Forest, N.C., was charged with felony malicious injury to animals or personal property valued at more than $2,000 but less than $10,000 and misdemeanor trespassing.


Hendricks said Rogers does not have any official ties to Clemson, but he does have a Tigers sticker on the glass of his truck and there was Clemson memorabilia in his home.

"I'll make you draw your own conclusions with that," Hendricks said.

As you'll recall, I speculated that a Carolina fan was the culprit when this story broke, and the discussion got a bit heated at times. It turns out that I was wrong, and if anyone wants to pile on in the comments thread here, it's open season for the time being. Honestly, I'm so thankful for the way this story appears to be turning out, that I think I'll be able to handle your jabs. It would have been pretty embarrassing if this had ended up being a Carolina fan, but it turns out that our fine furry friends will suffer treble the embarrassment. I mean, really, what could be worse than learning that one of your own vandalized what is perhaps the most prominent symbol of your program, and then having to suffer through all the national news, farks, etc., that will inevitably result? Have fun with that, Clemson fans.