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Inside Enemy Territory: Florida

That Georgia win? The Gators aren’t impressed.

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Welcome back to this week’s edition of Inside Enemy Territory, which takes us to Gator Chatter and Swamp Gas, and into the minds of Florida Gators fans. Despite their loss to LSU and the Gamecocks’ shocking upset of Georgia, the Gainesville gang remains confident about Saturday, and as bitter as ever about Will Muschamp.

Let’s get to it.

South Carolina’s offense is completely inept. However, they do have a decent OL and I expect him to try to run it down out throats (especially after the sh*tty run D at LSU). If Hilinski plays or not, their QB isn’t going to do much (I’d rather Hilinski play than the running QB). I see us getting back on track: UF 31-16

An interesting amount of Florida fans are more concerned about the possibility of Dakereon Joyner starting as opposed to Ryan Hilinski, who left the Georgia game early with a sprained knee. Will Muschamp has maintained that Hilinski will be ready to roll on Saturday, but injury reports have been a bit of an adventure in his tenure, so we’ll see.

USCe has played 2 teams ranked higher than anyone we’ve played - and beat one of them at their house. IMO, UF is looked at as a beatable opponent who is crippled and hurting following consecutive physically and mentally draining games. The good news is they won’t resemble LSU throwing the ball - the bad news is their #3 QB runs well. This will be a close game if we play well and hang tough. If we don’t, it could get ugly.

Some more fear of the #DakAttack. I’d obviously prefer a healthy Hilinski, but I’d love to see Joyner get some snaps too if Florida’s run defense is really that porous.

I do expect to see a sloppy game on both sides since both teams are coming off of an emotional win/loss. But like games before, I think our guys will persevere through, and they won’t be willing to lose this game in the 4th quarter. Of course, Muschamp will play not to lose like he always does, and he’ll lose anyways.

That last part hurts because it’s so often been true.

The cocks are a pretty good football team. Their biggest weakness is Muschamp. He threw the game away last year against us by going conservative on us when they were up big.

Frankly, can’t argue with this either.

South Carolina is going to score a lot of points, backup QB or not - the defense is in shambles right now. Our only hope is letting Trask loose.

Unfortunately for Feliepe Franks, his injury has helped elevate Florida’s success. Franks never impressed me, but Kyle Trask has shown the ability to be the kind of quarterback Dan Mullen needs. He’s likely among the best USC will face this season, so it’d be nice if he turns in a Jake Fromm-esque performance.

Watch out for their 6’4 corner and throw to the side he isn’t playing on.

USCe is good against the run. We can’t really run it. They found a CB who can play. If they put him on Pitts, I believe Swain, VJ, and Hammond will have a field day

Nice to see Izzy getting some respect here, especially since the secondary had such a tough start to the season. Of course, this poster has forgotten (or doesn’t know about) Jaycee Horn, who was quietly done a great job in his own right. The safeties, on the other hand...

This is the one I’m most worried about. This is the definition of a trap game.

Good! Stay worried.

Maybe Muschamp will be over confident for this game and we’ll be able to pull it out. Likely to be a nail biter.

Agree on the nail biter part, disagree on Muschamp being overconfident. Historically, that’s been an issue for South Carolina teams after earning a big win, but this team in particular has no business being overconfident about anybody. And given how horrendous the UF game was last season, I should think (and hope) they don’t need any extra motivation here.

He seems to be different from when he coached at Florida... where his teams seemed unbalanced but nevertheless, elite consistently on defense... now his teams seem competent on both sides of the ball considering the talent that they have, but fall victim to tough schedules and alarmingly conservative game management...

Interesting perspective on Muschamp. I’m not sure how many of our fans would agree he’s changed that much from his Florida days, but I do think his South Carolina offenses have been a bit more successful (at least once Kurt Roper was shown the door, anyway). No doubt in-game coaching decisions are still the Achilles heel, though.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we lay a total egg, have four turnovers, and lose to an inspired USC team. With Greenard and Zuniga in the lineup, I would say we wipe the floor with USC, that is how much I think those two guys impact the game. Without them though, I worry we will have a 2018 Kentucky type game where we get whooped on both sides of the line of scrimmage all game long.

Florida is looking at the absence of two of its best defensive players in ends Jonathan Greenard and Jabari Zuniga, which is certainly a break for the Gamecocks. We’ll have to see just how much South Carolina can take advantage of that, particularly in regard to Hilinski’s health and the continued emergence of the run game.

Muschamp goes up 3-0 early in the first and then goes conservative

I have to admit, this earned a laugh.

For the sake of more interesting discussion, I declined to include a sampling of the dozens of posts calling for a Florida blowout victory. But aside from the occasional nervous nelly, most Gators fans don’t seem to be losing sleep over this matchup. Hopefully the Gamecocks can prove them wrong.