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South Carolina vs. Clemson: Game Balls

Not a fun way to conclude this column for the season

Clemson v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

I’m just simply going through the motions here.

This Gamecock team was a train-wreck yesterday. The only time they seemed into it was after they stuffed Travis Etienne on fourth down at the goal line on Clemson’s first drive of the game.

Ryan Hilinski then proceeded to turn the ball over in the next possession, although I can’t get too mad at him for that because his lack of turnovers has been a silver lining in his mainly underwhelming season.

The offense couldn’t get anything going, the defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed in Clemson’s running or passing game, and it was simply a depressing way to have some great seniors finish their careers here.

And now for the game balls! (spoiler alert: there are none).

Offensive Game Ball: N/A

I don’t reward mediocrity here and that’s what I would be doing today.

Yes, Tavien Feaster had a respectable 47 yards on the ground while averaging 3.9 yards per carry (more than Etienne in that department too) and yes, Shi Smith was the only productive (if I can even call it that) receiver on the day taking in five receptions for 40 yards, but those are just pedestrian numbers.

In the passing game, Ryan Hilisnki completed 59% of his passes for a meager 105 yards on the day and one interception.

The drops were back too.

Clemson completely dominated this South Carolina offense.

Having 174 total yards in comparison to Clemson’s 527 won’t cut it.

Defensive Game Ball: N/A

Usually this is the category where I find a diamond in the rough or a stud greatly deserving of a game ball, but I just couldn’t this week.

Trevor Lawrence carved up this secondary completing 72% of his passes for 295 yards and three scores. He was even their leading rusher with 66 yards on the ground.

Clemson called a balanced attack of passing and rushing plays, yet the Cocks couldn’t slow down either of them.

Despite USC’s strong front seven, Clemson still ran for a hefty 211 yards against them.

In terms of pass rush, there was none.

Lawrence looked too comfortable out there and had a good amount of time to pass almost every time he dropped back.

This game was a blowout in every sense of the word, and the defense did nothing to stop it from happening.

Honorable Mentions: N/A

Not even Joseph Charlton can claim an honorable mention this week.

Parker White nailed a field goal from 39 yards out, but that’s just a normal day for him.

As for offense/defense, if no one claimed a game ball up there, it would be hard to single out a player here.

All in all, this was a bad way to go out.

Maybe another year in the system and a new offensive coordinator (I’m not even going to bring up head coach at this point) will help Hilinski do his job at the level we are all expecting of him next season, but I can’t say for sure.

Good news: the schedule sure does get a lot easier.