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Steve Spurrier's Sunday teleconference

During his Sunday teleconference, Steve Spurrier said that Mike Davis is doubtful against East Carolina and hinted at a potential personnel change on the offensive line.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

On Mike Davis' availability against East Carolina:

Right now he's sort of doubtful. I think our trainers said he's not going to be practicing for the next few days, so I guess later in the week we'll see how his condition is. It's a bad bruise -- a bruised rib. It's painful for him right now ... Brandon Wilds will probably start. And Shon Carson is here. And David Williams needs to play a little bit. He's going on his second year here now. He's a good-sized back, and I think he needs to carry the ball some ... David Williams will probably get some carries this game.

On South Carolina's offensive strength:

The strength? Oh, we don't have one right now. Hopefully we can throw better and run better than we did the last time out. We need to improve a lot running the ball and passing the ball.

On changes potential shake-ups to the starting defense:

I think most of the guys who played the last game are scheduled to play this game. If there are one or two changes, that could happen. We certainly have to play fundamentally better. We've got to tackle better and get some pass rush and all that kind of stuff.

On the performance of the team on Thursday:

I think we all were surprised. It didn't go according to plan. But it's history now, and we've learned a lot about ourselves. We're going to change practice around a little bit -- try to be a little bit more competitive maybe in practice and see if we can get our guys playing at a faster pace pace offensively and defensively and on special teams.

On potential changes along the offensive line:

There may be one. But we'll talk about that later in the week.

On the Clemson-Georgia game:

For some reason Georgia just smashed 'em. They just ran it right down their throats and stopped them completely on defense in the second half ... Some of those runs by Gurley -- you wonder how anybody's going to tackle right now. But we'll worry about him two weeks from now.

On internal conversations of the continued use of the 3-4 defensive front:

It didn't matter what we played the other night. We tried a little bit of everything. Obviously, A&M had a lot of good plays. They threw it, caught it, and pass blocked. And they do have a really good offensive line. They may be really good. Time will tell if they're as good as they looked the other night.